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Ngwenya has “Cabin Fever” - and you?

You have no idea how much we (and the animals) miss you! We’re longing for the day when our gates will reopen and our valuable shareholders and guests will flock to Reception; receiving a warm ‘virtual’ embrace from our team and smiling from ear-to-ear as your holiday kicks off. The days when families will gather around, with children splashing in the pools and laughing, and the scent of braais wafts into the open Kruger skies. You inject life into the Resort...

We cannot wait for what lies ahead for you...




We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing commitment to paying your levies and, by doing so, protecting your family’s crucial rest and recreation time that lies ahead. 


Your ongoing financial support allows us to ensure our Lodge stays open and that you will have a holiday destination when lockdown ends. A place where you can step out into the fresh air and take in incredible views, a place with jam-packed entertainment and activities to be enjoyed, a place where you can soak up incredible views of nature and wildlife, or treat yourself to a spa day… and in the evening, a place where you can draw your loved ones close around a fire.


The reality is that every payment you make at this stage allows us to continue to contribute to Resort expenses; so that you may return to your well-maintained holiday home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued payments!

Your continued support means that when you arrive, Ngwenya Lodge will be ready to welcome you with open arms and crystal clear swimming pools, comfortable and well-maintained chalets and all the familiar faces of the staff complement – we are so looking forward to these moments with you.

Robin Wynne:
Absolutely amazing location. Accommodation and facilities are first class. Staff are extremely helpful, friendly and make you feel like family.”

Dumisani Phikelela:
“This place is out of this world, as a person from Gauteng, I now understand that there is more to life than highways and tall buildings!”

Be ready to escape from cabin fever by securing a holiday soonest! We understand the need for flexibility during these challenging times and, as such,
we have made the 2021 Resort Calendar available to you,
as part of our promise to make things as easy as possible.


Pencil in your 2021 holiday escape, and make use of this calendar to select a second stay from a wide range of Resorts using your banked tokens!

If you were unable to visit Ngwenya Lodge during 2020, due to the nationwide lockdown,
you can login to
VRS Options

and bank this ‘missed-holiday’
in exchange for tokens
to the full value of that respective week.

Now, simply login and
make use of those tokens

to select an

alternate holiday break,
from the choice of destinations and
weeks available online!
This means, you will not only NOT lose your 2020 holiday break;
you’ll now also have the option of multiple Resorts to choose from as an alternative.

Scroll through hundreds of holiday weeks on offer, across a multitude of
much-loved Resorts, and find the perfect break for your family.

While we all come to terms with COVID-19, lockdown and the ongoing uncertainty ahead, we wanted to pencil you a personal note regarding what’s happening at your home-away-from-home:

The last few weeks have been tough for us all; with guests unable to visit and holiday at Ngwenya Lodge and the economy straining; we are feeling the pinch and we know that you are, too. In saying this, we remain focused on providing the environment for the creation of everlasting holiday memories for all our shareholders. We, together with our Managing Agent, VRS, are ensuring viable management solutions for your preferred holiday destination, to ensure the health and safety of you and your families for once you are able to enjoy your holidays again.  During these trying times, our goal is to safeguard your future memorable, holiday experiences.


When all this is over, we want you to be able to enjoy a fabulous holiday, more than ever!
You will certainly have earned it!


Please keep up-to-date with all matters concerning COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown:


One last thing before you go...

In the coming weeks, keep your eyes open, and your inbox refreshed.

‘Check-in’ virtually with us by reading our monthly communications for clues that could bring you one step closer to

with Ngwenya Lodge.

Each month a series of clues will be released; all you have to do is take note and find the answers scattered across our digital universe and you could soon be cashing in an extra bonus booking, extended holiday, a once-off levy reduction and more!

We hope to see you all participate and get involved in the fun in coming weeks; it means so much to us.

Words will never be able to express our gratitude for your continued support; every levy paid, and every future holiday booked, ensures that Ngwenya Lodge can continue to bring to you the very best in comfort and service. While we all sit in lockdown, and think of the day when we can step into nature, into the open and into the world again, know that we will be ready and waiting for you.


We simply cannot wait to welcome you!

Ngwenya Lodge