We are open for business!

Did you know? While we await the new updates with regards to level 3 regulations, which will allow leisurely travel, Ngwenya Lodge is currently open for business-related stays!

We're anxiously awaiting the new protocols from government for Ngwenya Lodge to start welcoming you and your families back to your favourite getaway and home-away-from-home.
In the meantime...

We know just how good your 'Jewel at the Kruger' is for your mental state, so you can now check-in while you conduct your business meetings. Allow the tranquil melodies of nature to soothe your soul and soak up the incredible wilderness before and after your business dealings.







As we follow governments’ regulations and implement our own COVID-19 safety protocols, know that we remain committed to providing you with the most comfortable stay. We believe that “Hygiene is two thirds of health” and we maintain the highest standard when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. We adhere fully to the communicated COVID-19 protocols and recommendations, to guarantee that the Lodge is ready to welcome you!

For your safety, as well as that of other guests and our own team, kindly note:

  • Communal areas, such as the: swimming pools, mini golf and spa will remain closed
  • Please be in touch with the Lodge directly for information on the Restaurant and Kiosk
  • Additional throws, cushions and other decorative pieces have been removed from the chalets
  • Sanitisation stations have been implemented and masks must be worn in public areas at all times

These, and other, protocols have been implemented at your home-away-from-home for your protection. While Ngwenya Lodge may appear slightly different to the eye, rest assured that we will continue to strive towards the same excellent service you have come to know and love.

For further assistance or clarification, kindly be in touch with the Ngwenya Team at info@ngwenya.co.za


It is with great joy that we announce that our gates are open to our guests travelling for business.

Two things you will need for Business Travelling:

  1. Employer’s letter confirming the purpose of travel, and confirming that the person is travelling for business purposes
  2. A copy of the business traveller’s ID

Please also take note of the following, when planning a business trip to Ngwenya Lodge:

  • Confirmation of your reservation will only be done upon receipt of the required documentation
  • This documentation is applicable to each individual traveller
  • Due to business travel restrictions, children are not permitted to travel to Ngwenya Lodge on Business Travel trips

Business Travellers may, prior or upon arrival, be required to complete additional paperwork for Ngwenya Lodge’s records and as they apply to government regulations. The Lodge reserves the right to refuse occupancy, should the required documentation not be supplied or, else, be insufficient or inaccurate.


The Ngwenya Lodge Team, and Managing Agent VRS, would like to take a moment to thank you, our valued shareholders.

Thank you for continuing to support Ngwenya Lodge through paying your levies; Thank you for your patience as we all navigate the 5-level risk adjusted strategy; Thank you for standing by our side when it matters most.

We understand your frustrations with not being able to enjoy a holiday right now and empathise with each of you for the challenges we have all been facing. Know that we are (and will continue) working hard, together with key stakeholders, to reopen as soon as confirmation from government on the new level 3 regulations have been established. We cannot wait to welcome all your families back to your 'Jewel at the Kruger'!

We are excited about your return – we cannot wait until we can welcome ALL the Ngwenya shareholders back. We look forward to reuniting with old friends and welcoming new ones. Until then!

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Your holiday family,