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Ngwenya Lodge is situated on the southern boundary of one of the biggest and best-known wildlife sanctuaries in the world - the Kruger National Park. At Ngwenya Lodge guests can literally reach out and touch the Crocodile River, overlooking the game fence of the Kruger National Park, which passes behind Ngwenya. This effectively incorporates the Resort into the greater game area and guests have every opportunity to see all the same species, Big Five included, which occur in the game-rich south-eastern section of the Kruger Park, without even having to leave the Resort.

  • 2021


    Towards the end of January Cyclone Eloise made landfall up-river from Ngwenya Lodge. During this period the region experienced torrential rains which flooded the Crocodile River, breeching the Crocodile Bridge which forced the Kruger National Park to close the gate. Onsite, the Ngwenya Team worked hard to keep the Resort in tip-top shape. The influx of water turned the region a deep verdant green and guests revelled at the beautiful transformation left in her wake.

  • 2020

  • Growing from strength-to-strength

    Looking towards the future, as well as adding additional benefit to the ongoing conservation efforts of preserving the Kruger National Park and surrounds, the further extension of Ngwenya Lodge is set to break ground within 2020. This envisioned future development is of great value to the area, providing much-needed employment opportunities, as well as additional shareholders to register their interests in protecting the Park and surrounds.


    A new waste-water treatment facility has been completed for Ngwenya Lodge. The new plant was designed to replace the lillipit system and can process up to 400 cubes of influent per day at a maximum capacity, which drastically cuts odour. The processed influent can be used to irrigate sugar cane, thereby preventing wastewater. The effluent complies with local environmental standards as required.

  • Achievements and Accolades

    Once more Ngwenya Lodge stole the show at the Annual RCI Awards Ceremony. The Resort was not only crowned the Top Gold Crown Resort in the large resort category, but took home the titles for Superior Service in Hospitality and Top Check-in and Check-out Resort. Ngwenya was also praised for maintaining high housekeeping and maintenance standards.

  • VRS Resort Management Awards

    The VRS awards show appreciation for individuals and resorts within the VRS-Management Group for outstanding service and high work ethic, as we strive to provide everlasting holiday memories for our guests. Ngwenya Lodge applauded the hard work of team members who claimed Resort Manager of the Year, Operations Manager of the Year, as well as Front office HOD of the Year.

  • Family-friendly Fun

    On a mission to provide everlasting holiday memories to families, Ngwenya Lodge opened its first Jumping Pillow and Multi-Court. These exciting new additions to the Ngwenya family offering provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

  • Retaining the Crown

    Ngwenya retained Gold Crown Status at the prestigious 31st Annual RCI OSCAS Ceremony and was awarded the First-Runner-Up position. In addition to this, TripAdvisor awarded Ngwenya Lodge a Certificate of Excellence. This award is bestowed on establishments who maintain high review scores, as voted by visitors.

  • 2019

  • Protecting our Rhino Population

    The Postcode MeerKAT Team are awarded the Innovative Project of the Year at the prestigious Kudu Awards. The annual awards ceremony honour the individuals and projects which contribute to operational successes and effectiveness throughout SANPark’s conservation efforts. This is an incredible project which is rightfully being acknowledged for its contributions to the plight for South Africa’s rhino population. Find out more about Postcode MeerKAT on the Ngwenya blog.

  • RCI Gold Crown Status

    Ngwenya Lodge not only retains Gold Crown Status at the prestigious 31st Annual RCI OSCAS Ceremony, but has been awarded the First-Runner-Up position, as well! This is a great achievement given the fierce competition at the Gala Awards and to be recognised as one of the top five Resorts is an honour.

  • Kruger Park K9 Unit

    In 2018 a pack of highly-trained, specialised hounds are introduced to the anti-poaching efforts of the Kruger National Park. These incredible dogs operate by tracking poachers, off-leash, with air support and, to-date, have been deployed in over 70 chases, leading to the successful arrests of over 140 poachers; an increase of approximately 50% on poaching efforts. Visit the Ngwenya blog for more information.

  • 2018

  • Ngwenya Awards and Accolades

    After the incredible achievements at the 2017 RCI OSCAS Annual Awards, Ngwenya Lodge is gunning to be on top once more. The Resort is attending the 30th RCI OSCAS Annual Gala Awards to hold on to its Gold Crown Status, and is first runner-up in the Gold Crown Resort of the Year in the Large Resort Category. Ngwenya Lodge is not slowing, claiming; the VRS Award for Resort of the Year, a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, as well as the Provincial Award for the Top Four-Star Self-Catering Resort, and the Top Wildlife Experience in Mpumalanga at the 2018 Lilizela Tourism Awards. This year has proven to be an immense victory for Ngwenya Lodge at each prestigious Awards Ceremony.

  • environmentally-friendly Initiatives

    The Lodge's environmentally-friendly focus is once again addressed with the introduction of LED energy-saving lights and water-saving showerheads throughout the units and facilities on the Resort premises. In addition, a new filtration system, as part of Ngwenya Lodge's sewage plant, has been established so as to better make use of grey water for the establishment's irrigation purposes.

  • Releasing of Painted Wolves

    In October of this year, a group of wild dogs is released into the northern region of the Kruger National Park. This group is made up of matching pairs of females, relocated from Hluhluwe-iMfolozi and males, relocated from uMkuze Game Reserve. Within 24 hours of being released into the Park the group had successfully made their first kill and evaded a pride of lions – another step in the right direction towards conserving this incredible biome. Read the Ngwenya blog on the Painted Wolves of Africa.

  • 2017

  • Ngwenya steals the show at RCI Oscas

    At the 29th RCI OSCAS Annual Gala Awards, Ngwenya Lodge steals the show! Not only is Ngwenya Lodge awarded the Diamond Award for Resort of the Year in the Large Resort Category, but the Resort Manager, Diederik Herholdt, achieves Diamond Status for Resort Manager of the Year, too. These are incredible achievements because Diamond Awards are extremely rare! It means that for three consecutive years, Ngwenya won Gold Crown Resort of the Year and that for three years Diederik won Resort Manager of the Year. With Gold Crown status being the highest grading a Resort can achieve, the fact that Ngwenya has been selected as the best-of the-best for three years running, is extraordinary, amazing and something the team can always be proud of.

  • 2016

  • RCI Gold Crown Resort of the Year

    Ngwenya Lodge is awarded the RCI Gold Crown Resort of the Year in the Large Resort Category at the RCI OSCAS Annual Gala Awards evening. The Resort is tremendously proud of Team Ngwenya for their hard work and dedication.

  • Ubhejane INTRODUCED

    The Resort mascot, Ubhejane the Rhino, is born. The rhino statue can be found at the Resort, and is regularly decorated with painted hand prints by the children who visit Ngwenya. Ubhejane provides the Lodge with the platform to address the need to protect South Africa's critically endangered rhinoceros population as part of the conservation effort.

  • 2015

  • Latest Sightings now at Ngwenya lodge

    January sees the welcoming of a beneficial relationship with Latest Sightings at the Kruger, to provide guests with a platform for spotting wildlife more effectively, as well as sharing those sightings with other interested guests.

  • Ngwenya upgrades to Harvey tiles

    Ngwenya Lodge says goodbye to the units worn, thatch hats and welcomes Harvey tiles; providing guests with protective, strong cover with minimal maintenance costs.

  • ECO Light

    New environmentally friendly cleaning range introduced

    Eco-Lyte cleaning products are introduced on the Resort as an alternative to chemically-laden cleaning agents which infect the water. These new products are sourced from renewable ingredients and are bio-degradable; earning the recognition of international environmental standards.

  • RCI Gold Crown Resort of the Year

    Congratulations are, once again, due to every member of the Ngwenya Lodge Team who secures the Gold Crown Resort of the Year in the Large Resort Category at the RCI OSCAS Annual Awards Ceremony. This is not the only award for the year, as the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa presents Ngwenya Lodge with a Four Star Rating for: scenic beauty, well-equipped accommodation and friendly hospitality.

  • Snake Handling training for staff

    As part of the Lodge's on-going conservation efforts, aligned with the Kruger National Park, selected members of Ngwenya's staff undergo training on snake handling. This provides the Lodge with an opportunity to catch and release any snakes who visit the Resort back into their natural habitat within the Nature Reserve.

  • 2014

  • Bat Box Hotels

    The Resort moves to initiate one of the conservation effort projects with the establishment of Bat Box Hotels across the grounds. These boxes act as home for the colonies; providing them with much needed shelter near the River. Human developments minimise the bats natural habitats; so it is important for us all to play a role in caring for these critters. In return, the colonies act as a natural pest control and reduce the mosquito population in the immediate area.

  • RCI Gold Crown resort of the Year

    Ngwenya Lodge is invited to the RCI OSCAS Awards Ceremony, in March 2014, and claims the title: Gold Crown Resort of the Year in the Large Resort Category.

  • 2013

  • Ngwenya Lodge joins Facebook!

    You can keep up-to-date with the Resort on this platform here.

  • Ngwenya Restaurant Opens to guests

    In April of 2013, the rebranded Restaurant opens its doors to offer the Lodge's guests an incredible dining experience and, in November of the same year, the Resort takes to renaming the wildlife-viewing-hides along the Crocodile River: Elephants Crossing and Crocodile Sandbanks.

  • VRS Best Resort Reception

    The Resort also brings home the VRS Best Resort Reception Award – Congratulations to the Front of House Team for their exceptional client service!

  • 2011

  • VRS takes over as Managing Agent

    Vacation Recreational Services takes over as the Managing Agent of Ngwenya Lodge. VRS was founded in 2001 and, with a growing portfolio managing 20 holiday Resorts across South Africa, Kenya and Botswana, has the experience, in-depth knowledge, insight and proven track record required to ensure that Ngwenya Lodge thrives and continues to exceed guest's expectations.

  • 2005

  • Spa and Curio Shop Doors open

    The Lodge makes the decision to create an even greater experience for guests; to provide every opportunity to relax and collect memories while staying at Ngwenya. The Spa and Curio Shop doors open to invite visitors to unwind and enjoy a number of relaxing treatments, and, thereafter, to purchase a memento at the Curio Shop to remember the holiday.

  • 1989

  • Ngwenya Lodge is built

    Ngwenya Lodge is built along the Crocodile River, a mere 10km away from the Crocodile Bridge Entrance to the Kruger National Park. This position effectively incorporates the Resort into the greater game area and visitors have every opportunity to see all the same species (Big Five included) that occur in the game-rich South-Eastern section of the Kruger Park, without even having to leave the gates.

  • 1929

  • Crocodile Bridge Park Entrance opens

    Sabie Game Reserve is renamed the Kruger National Park and the Crocodile Bridge entranced is opened. Originally a simple pontoon structure is erected but, years later; the entrance is reconstructed as a concrete bridge at the request of the public.

  • 1927

  • Kruger National Park opens to motorists

    The Park is opened to motorists. A year later access to motorists would be improved via the construction of gravel roads throughout the Reserve.

  • 1898

  • Sabie Game Reserve opens to public

    The Kruger National Park first opens to the public as "Sabie Game Reserve". At this time it was not known that the Nature Reserve would become one of the biggest conservation nature reserves in the world.


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Ngwenya has deservedly won the 'Resort of The Year' award more than once. It is exceptionally beautiful, ideally located, and the staff - from the entry gate to the housekeepers - are all incredibly friendly.




Not even one negative thing to mention. It's absolutely excellent in every aspect. We had wonderful weather while we were there. Beautiful, clean, and very well-equipped accommodation. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the braai and bingo night. We enjoyed the viewpoints and saw quite a few different animals. Never a dull moment while being there. Highly recommended it! We're looking forward to the next visit.




If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with neat and clean accommodation with the friendliest staff, go to Ngwenya Lodge. This is our home away from home, with the best view into Kruger National Park.



Duncan Geach

An awesome establishment! Extremely well-managed with super friendly staff. The security guards at the gate are a real tonic and never fail to raise a smile with their personality and wit. The accommodation is spotless.



"Barend Geertsema: Great place for couples and families. Incredibly close to the Kruger National Park... "

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