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Ngwenya Is Travel-Ready: You Should Be, Too

Ngwenya Is Travel-Ready: You Should Be, Too

The light of dawn has arrived, and with it, a brand new day. A day to cherish and be thankful for; while COVID-19 has impacted our lives and how we experience life on a daily basis, it no longer has to infringe on our favourite pastime of travelling. Escaping to wide-open spaces in the heart of nature, to a favourite chalet, makes for the perfect holiday.

2020 has certainly been a year of challenge and difficulty. The first seasonal change of the year saw us all retreat indoors, into our homes in the suburbs and cities; locked-in for our own safety, as well as the safety of others, between four walls and a view of our neighbour’s yard. This soon sent us longing for wide-open spaces, for escapes back into the countryside and bushveld; for a holiday after a particularly tough year. Ngwenya is travel-ready: you should be, too.

Your Health and Safety is our Priority

Your health and safety is our priority

For the weeks during the nationwide lockdown, the Ngwenya Lodge Team was hard at work; deep-cleaning the facilities, implementing sanitisation measures and conducting training on the various, government-enforced protocols which have to be maintained. As part of managing agent’s, Vacation Recreational Services, and Ngwenya Lodge’s mission to provide a safe holiday environment for all guests, HygienicHospitality was launched. The function thereof is to ensure that strict health and safety measures, extended to include the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19, be adhered to. Guests are sure to notice a number of these protocols across the Resort, including mask-wearing, social-distancing and regular sanitising of surfaces and high touchpoints. These measures are also implemented for your home-away-from-home chalet; guests will notice the HygienicHospitality seal on the door upon arrival, which signals that the chalet has been sanitised and that no other person has since been in the unit before the guests’ arrival.


Maintaining social-distancing parameters

While the Ngwenya Lodge Team has taken every possible step to ensure a safe holiday environment for all, the Lodge is also suited to social-distancing-friendly escapes due to the optimally positioned nature of each chalet, as well as the units being geared for self-catering stays. Think of holidaying at Ngwenya Lodge as your second home; many South Africans reside in security estates or complexes which are similarly structured to a self-catering Resort. Though in the case of being at your favourite home-away-from-home, tranquil views over the Crocodile River with ample game-viewing opportunities make for more incredible social-distancing parameters. Not only are the chalets abiding by these parameters, but the Restaurant, Spa and Game-Viewing Hides all enforce social-distancing measures so that guests have the option of venturing out of their cosy chalets.

Quality Family Time

Quality family time is important

The stress and changes in 2020 have had long-lasting effects. Office spaces suddenly merged with the home, which was previously a sanctuary to unwind from the day’s work and relax. Schools have closed for extended periods of time and reopened with restrictions in place, yet the school curriculum remains in effect, adding further pressure to students. Restaurants, holiday locations and a number of activities many enjoyed to ease stress and tiredness, locked their doors. This time is so important to reconnect as a family in a fresh and exciting environment; such as on a self-guided drive through the Kruger National Park in your own personal bubble of a vehicle.

It’s time to embrace the great outdoors, fun activities and favourite pastimes and get back to a space of positivity and productivity. Ngwenya is travel-ready: you should be, too.

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