The Ngwenya Board would like to bring it to your Urgent attention of an application for a mining right that has been lodged over Tenbosch Farm which affects Ngwenya Lodge as well as various other agricultural properties boarding the Kruger national park and along the crocodile river.

The applicants who have lodged the mining application are Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd and are making use of Singo Consulting (Pty) Ltd as their Environmental Assessment Practitioners.

As on 12 June 2019: Ngwenya Lodge has to date not been notified by the applicants nor has Ngwenya Lodge been notified by their consultants of the application for a mining right. Ngwenya was informed by surrounding community members of a proposed mining application and is still attempting to gather further information.

Ngwenya Lodge has found it strange that in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act the applicants are required to notify property owners and all interested and affected parties. The applicants have to date failed to notify Ngwenya Lodge. What is most concerning is that Singo Consulting (Pty) Ltd notified a handful of parties on Monday the 27th of May at 16:09 of a meeting scheduled for the 28th May 2019 at 11:00 at the Hectorspruit Engen Garage. This seems to be an attempt to fast track and tick the box for a public meeting that was held, not to mention the flaw in not notifying all I and AP’s. This strategy followed by the consultants shows the disregard for the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act and the public participation process. This disregard can only be seen as an attempt to intentionally mislead the Department of Minerals (“DMR”) into granting the mining right without proper consultation.

The time frames allocated are statutory in nature, so the applicant must deliver the results of the consultation process within 180 days of acceptance by the DMR, which as far as Ngwenya can determined was accepted on the 12th of September 2018. This timeframe has lapsed and despite this the applicants and Singo Consulting (Pty) Ltd push forward. The applicants could not have provided the DMR with the true and correct information as we have mentioned, Ngwenya was not notified and has to date still not been notified as required.

Time is of the essence and we rely on your active participation in the process which we will outline below:

The Ngwenya Lodge Board is of the opinion that we need to register as Interested and Affected Parties to protect our Ngwenya’s interests.

The Board fully accepts that mining has certain economic benefits, but against that we need to evaluate the impact on the environment and our “heritage site” within the Kruger National Park borders. So, the interest of the few need to be evaluated against the interests of the many who visit the park and not to mention the detrimental impact on the wildlife.

We believe that with our shareholders’ and guests’ support we can again starve off this application as we did with the previous ones, but that will only work if we stand together and raise our concerns as a united and concerned Ngwenya community.


We need every shareholder, visitor, guest or family member to voice their concerns and to register as an Interested and Affected Party as soon as possible using the attached I&AP template hereto. As stated, the deadlines are statutory, so if we do not “do it now” we cannot later complain about the “system”, the “process” or the “result”

Please follow the following steps if you are a concerned shareholder / party:

1. Consider the impact on our resort, the surrounding areas including the Kruger National Park and its wildlife.

2. Complete the I&AP form and note your various concerns which may among others include:

  • the devastating impact on the unspoilt scenic beauty, tranquillity, eco sensitivity, unique fauna and flora and geological formations in the area;
  • mining being an invasive activity that will negate the very reason for the existence of the resort, which is enclosed as part of the Kruger National Park;
  • mining will have a detrimental impact to the wildlife, air quality, soil, river, dams, surface and ground water, land use and planning, waste management, economy, quality of life, security, noise levels, employment and property values; and
  • any other aspects which you personally may consider pertinent to opposing the application.


3. Forward your duly completed I&AP form to ALL of the following parties:

4. Don’t rely on other shareholders ‘doing it’, we need every shareholder / interested person to voice their opinions, so your registration is important.

PLEASE copy us in on any emails sent or received from the consultants or the DMR by sending same to ngwenya.iap@vrs.co.za in order for us to monitor your concerns and the process in general.